Bosie Tea Parlor - West Village, NYC

Typically, summer is a time for traveling, exploring and trying new things. This summer we traveled to New York City, explored the High Line and tried some new teas at the Bosie Tea Parlor in West Village. Bosie is a cozy little place modeled after the intimate tea rooms of Paris. Also, for a tea room, it is not all pink and frills and lace so the gentlemen in your party can truly enjoy themselves. However, what really stands out about this establishment is the amount of teas they offer—we were handed a booklet of over 100 loose leaf teas to choose from—and the fact they have a tea sommelier on hand to help you make your selection.

We arrived mid-morning so we shared a croissant and for tea, my husband ordered the Tropical Forest Green Tea and I had a hibiscus blend. We were so impressed with the green tea that we bought some to bring home and my husband has been enjoying it ever since.

In looking over the menu, we realized we’ll need to come back and order the tea service for two which includes a pot of tea, tea sandwiches, scones with jam and clotted cream and macarons. (They have a French pastry chef on staff with first-class credentials.)

So, if you travel to NYC this summer, I implore you to make a little trip to West Village and peruse their vast listing of loose leaf teas and enjoy a little taste of Paris while you’re at it. Note: All teas can be tried as iced teas as well, in case you’re there on a sweltering summer day.

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